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Husmann GMBH

Husmann SPB AN Skip type portable compactor

Husmann SPB SEN Hook type portable compactor

Husmann SPB SW Skip type portable compactor

Husmann SPB SW Hook type portable compactor

Husmann MP type static compactors

Husmann ST type static compactors

Husmann GT1750 Roll Packer

Husmann Transfer Stations



Husmann Portable Chippers, Shredders, Wood and Waste Crushers

H type Wood Chipper

Husmann GMBH - H range wood chippers: Suited for chipping shrubs and logs, the chipped material can be used for composting, spreading or for feeding heating systems

HFG type Shredders

Husmann GMBH - HFG shredders: High speed hammer shredders achieve a fine and clean result when processing organic material through the special shredding technique. This range of machines shred green waste, pallets giving a throughput of more than 250m3 per hour

H type Wood and waste Crushers

Husmann GMBH - HL wood and waste crushers: Slow speed one or twin shaft machines, used for processing wood, biomass, paper or other reusable materials as well as household and industrial waste Operated either electro-hydraulically or by combustion engine with a capability of an hourly throughput of up to 50tons per hour




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